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Time & Attendance with Payroll

Time & Attendance with Payroll

Whether you are a small business looking for staff management software, or a large enterprise in need of a complete HRIS, Our Time & Attendance System with Payroll Software is the best choice.
Time & Attendance with Payroll Software is an affordable software solution to allow you to record and track the attendance of employees. It can output simple easy to read reports that can be passed onto your payroll department, saving you hours of time you used to spend tallying up hand-written time cards or punch clock cards.

Complete Attendance Software
Integrated Payroll Software (User-defined Salary Structures, Formulae, and more)
Supports Multiple Attendance Devices (Biometric, RFID, and more)
Supports Multiple Locations (Branches located across the globe)
Statutory Reports (PF, ESI, Bonus, TDS, and more)
very user-friendly GUI
Leave Management (Entitlements, User defined leave types and more)
Customizable Reports(Save, Print and Email reports in different formats)
Report Builder - Make your own reports!
Secure, Reliable and Affordable Solution
Completely Web Enabled
One click Salary Processing
Graphical Attendance Views (Day, Work Week, Week, Month, Year views)
Automated Overtime Calculation
Automated Late-In/Early-Out Calculation
Grace Periods for Work Start/End Times
Attendance Data Re-processing
User defined Attendance Types
Real-time and Editable Attendance
Overtime Management
User-defined Leave Types
Late-In, Early-Out Reports
Overtime Reports
Sickness Reports
Actual & Planned Work time Reports
Daily/Monthly/Yearly Attendance Reports
Settings for Customization
Modification History for attendance data (Who changed what and when?)


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